Kangroo Resources offers a wide range of fabrication services to the Mining industry.We take pride in providing high standards of service required for mobile and fixed plant equipment.

Kangroo Resources have the capabilities which allow us to undertake fabrication work of any size. You can rely on us for a prompt field service solution.

We employ a team of specialist Boiler Maker Welders and Fabricators, experienced in the work required for any Fixed plant and Mobile equipment shutdowns. Whether the job is difficult or simple, we have the expertise to repair the problem and get your vehicle or machine at peak performance.

  • G.E.T maintenance
  • Crack testing & repairs
  • Bucket, tray & chassis inspections
  • Machine rebuilds
  • Component rebuilds
  • N.D.T Weld Inspections & Comprehensive Integrity Reporting
  • Thermal Lancing
  • Line boring

Line Boring

Kangroo Resources line boring works specialize in mining buckets entail the following aspects;

Our highly skilled Line Borers and machinists are equipped with trucks and tooling, We use the latest machining equipment to provide alignment and accuracy that meets all OEM specified standards.