Oil and Gas

From exploration and drilling to pipeline construction, production, processing, and maintenance at onshore and offshore facilities, Kangaroo Resources’ capabilities complement and support the respected expertise within the Oil & Gas sector.

Known for end-to-end service solutions that support clients’ businesses in the downstream, midstream, and upstream industries, Kangaroo Resources has been a trusted partner to the oil and gas sector

As one of the leading providers in the Oil & Gas sector, Kangaroo Resources designs innovative service models to deliver well servicing, maintenance, shutdowns, facilities management, accommodation, and brownfield project services to support the front end design, engineering, commissioning, operations, and maintenance phases of upstream (on and offshore), midstream, and downstream facilities.

Their offer includes drilling and well servicing subsidiary Rig and Well Services, and engineering design and project management subsidiary, Engineering Services. Rig and Well Services’ entrepreneurial systems and processes are proven in designing, building, owning, and operating rigs to deliver world-first cost and time savings. Engineering Services has extensive experience in brownfield projects, sustaining capital delivery, asset performance engineering, and advanced R&D, enabling consistent value and results for clients through technical maintenance strategies that achieve optimization, integrity, compliance, and reliability.

Together with their partners, Kangaroo Resources invests in local communities, workforce diversity, and inclusion, as well as Indigenous participation initiatives. They are committed to their role in supporting local industry, people, and economies.