We appreciate that the largest expense to your business is the cost of owning and operating the plant critical to the achievement of your organisation’s objectives.


With operation and maintenance representing 80-90% of an asset’s life cycle cost, every hour in which the equipment isn’t delivering value to the business, hurts.

So when downtime is needed, for scheduled maintenance or an unforeseen technical problem, you can be assured that the kangroo Resources team takes pride in a rapid response, recognising efficiency improvements and reducing mean-time-to-repair in a bid to optimise your assets’ availability, productivity and value.


By actively monitoring and employing advances in equipment technology, operation and maintenance practices, we can provide our clients with optimum reliability and the lowest cost solution to their requirements. Our strong, cooperative relationships with OEMs mean that we always have access to the latest equipment and information.

Our Field Service technicians are fully qualified, manufacturer trained mechanics and have undertaken further complementary training to ensure you receive the level of support when you need it and where you need it, to keep your mobile equipment operating and delivering value.

Breakdown & Diagnosis

Through the employment of OEM specialists Kangroo Resources are able to swiftly diagnose and repair any unplanned outages that are critical to production. With a fleet of field service vehicles we are able to mobilize in little to no lead-time further reducing mean-time-to-repair.


Planned outages are our core business and we take pride in our ability to align ourselves through all stages off the shutdown planning process to maximize overall shut effectiveness.

Maintenance Planning

With an innate understanding of work management we are able to offer planning support on a project-by- project approach or by placing a CMMS planner within your maintenance team.


Our experienced technicians have the ability to recondition plant and components offsite to assist in rotable management and returning components to circulation.


Through our supplier network we are able to swiftly procure parts and components, increasing cash flow and reducing the risk of held obsolete stock for our clients.


Kangroo Resources offers a range of light-vehicle solutions from broad base automotive mechanical services to our zero downtime fleet management model built upon asset redundancy.