Kangroo Resources

is an industry leader in rendering plant maintenance and asset management solutions.

We offer clients the ability to engage us for maintenance services on an ad-hoc basis in peak load periods or to allow us to take a holistic approach to their operational requirements to enable the realisation of value from their assets. We recognise that as a supplier predominantly engaged during plant outages or periods of duress, we are pivotal to the desired output of an organisation and our progressive culture underpinned by innovation reflects this.

We maintain complex assets across a range of industries in the resources, energy, industrial, infrastructure and property sectors. With our on-site expertise and highly skilled workforce, our services are delivered through a disciplined approach where accountability and responsibilities are clearly defined to deliver value-adding services for our clients. Our services cover all phases of the maintenance cycle and are consistently delivered within proven safety management plans.

Our ongoing success in mobilising large scale workforces, working in complex and often hazardous environments, and optimising the availability and integrity of our clients’ assets continues to strengthen our reputation as a leader in our chosen markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to complement the achievement of our clients business objectives by contributing to the realisation of value from their assets and to continue to be recognised as a market leader in our chosen fields.

We will endeavour to align ourselves with our clients at every opportunity in a bid to truly understand what it is that motivates them and to assist in enabling their success.

Whether mining iron ore, coal, copper, nickel, gold, open cut or underground we offer a depth of experience, a breadth of knowledge and the right people to successfully and safely deliver an outcome.

Core Values

We strongly believe that integrity is a prerequisite for successful and sustained business relationships.

The following behavioural pillars are the framework in which we operate at all levels of the organisation to ensure alignment in service delivery while fostering rapport and a positive culture.

Gain those extra tonnes

Where appropriate, challenge the norm to deliver value. Continuous improvement, technical excellence and delivering productivity improvements through innovation reflect our position as a leader in chosen markets.

Supporting Behaviour: Managing workflow to reduce mean time to repair during a shutdown or outage. Use our exposure to a number of sites to identify and promote best practice from one site to another. – Being curious.

Don’t fret the rules

Don’t bend them and there is no inherent need to worry about them. Be it at an operational, accounting or strategic level. integrity and excellence in all things are the yardsticks for all of our decision making processes.

Supporting Behaviour: Adhering to clients’ and internal policies, safety or otherwise. – Taking pride in work quality and ethic.

What makes them tick?

Recognise our clients’ broader business objectives and identify where we can help achieve them. Where appropriate, we align and integrate with our clients to ensure that we are delivering a service that is most relevant to their goals and delivering the most value.

Supporting Behaviour: Conducting post shut-down reviews with site leaders and actively seeking work management feedback to tailor service delivery and facilitate performance based continuous improvement. Taking stock of KPIs our clients are measuring at pre-start, what their targets are and identifying ways in which we can assist in achieving them, however small or incremental. – Supporting a client’s change in operation and maintenance strategy and figuring out how we can contribute to it rather than criticising it.

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