Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) Specialists

As the only Leading industry supplier with a government issued statutory Electrical license; authorized to carry out Electrical works; Kangaroo Resources has developed its team of specialised electricians to become versatile in gaining extensive knowledge and diversifying into becoming AHS Maintenance Technicians; conducting AHS Technology installation projects and ongoing maintenance; across all types of mobile fleet entailing light mobile equipment and heavy mobile equipment.

Our AHS specialist team; entails the capability to design and manufacture various components that form part of the 360 installation and maintenance of fleet requiring AHS systems to the highest quality standards and procedures. This also entails comprehensive reporting and data collection to ensure complete commissioning to clients and OEM specifications ensuring and delivering optimal technology communication and safety are met across mining fleet.

Our teams have the experience in working on the following fleet and equipment:

Light Mobile Equipment (LME): Heavy Mobile Equipment (Auxiliary Fleet: and Haul Trucks) CAT: Komatsu: SandVik

With capability working with various automation and telemetry systems:

  • Minestar
  • Utilisation of bird meter/site hawk diagnostic tooling
  • Training on CATsys
  • IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring System)
  • Caterpillar terrain;
  • AVI Radios (Wifi and LTE);
  • CAES and Autonomous System
  • Modular PTX Dispatch
  • Modular Front Runner AHS
  • Autonomous Drilling System (ADS)
  • Tyre Sense

And; carrying out the following AHS installation scope:

  • Minestar
  • Installation of Modular mining into mining equipment
  • Fault finding and diagnostics of EMV AHS systems; both minestar and frontrunner
  • Mounting and securing GPS & radio antennas within LME and HME with no obstructions or movement
  • Fitting external radios ensuring radio and cabling is secure with no hazards
  • Testing batteries, boom gate switches and AHS switch locks
  • Mounting AUX boxes ensuring radio brackets mounted and secured
  • Modification and fabricating of brackets and new mounts
  • Design and develop new harnesses specific for AHS Installs and maintenance
  • Fit outs of all electrical accessories
  • Cable test reporting
  • Compilation and completion of install and as built documents for comprehensive reporting